Run by Emily & Steen, Doing Good Catering is a small family catering business based in Cardiff that uniquely provides local businesses with the opportunity to build their Corporate Social Responsibility targets through delivering tried-and-tested cooking sessions to the most disadvantaged in our community. 

Steen and Emily met in 2001 and fell in love. Steen was working as a part-time chef and youth worker in Bristol and Emily was teaching marketing, doing consultancy work and acting as Board Member for numerous non-profit organisations. In the 19 years they’ve been together Steen has traded as ‘Steen The Chef’ delivering sustainable catering to businesses in the South West and Wales as well as teaching hundreds of people cooking skills through partnerships with housing, public health and community associations. 

Emily has continued with consultancy, project and Board management work, latterly working for the Welsh Centre for International Affairs to increase the charity’s unrestricted revenue by increasing customer usage of their building, the Temple of Peace. In November 2018 Emily was proud to achieve Top 100 Business Women in Wales Award 2018.  She has been a presenter and Board member of Radio Cardiff since 2017.

Our values are simple. To us it is important that we treat everyone equally, with respect and empathy, and improve the lot of others using the skills we have matured. We both come from humble backgrounds and so we are passionate about helping people less advantaged than ourselves. Through teaching basic cooking skills to those on low incomes, difficult family backgrounds and young people trapped in socially challenging circumstances we can improve their sense of well-being, their ability to be independent, address issues of loneliness & self-worth and ultimately assist them in contributing positively to society. 

We want to lead by example and help those businesses who help us make a difference. Using Doing Good Catering is a win-win for you, your customers and the community.  We all benefit and that as a model for business growth must be a goal worth striving for.


"Thanks for a great cooking session at Kingswood yesterday. My daughter Ella had a blast and even ate some aubergine for the first time!"


"I have enjoyed all my session with Steen. He is very clear when he explains and he is patient with us oldies."

Anne Forbes, Friendship Group

"Great to see you on Saturday! The cooking went down really well with the whole group. My son Seb particularly enjoyed your style of cooking; he was impressed! So thank you!"

Brenda Cheer, ERIC Nurse

"I employed Steen for the Young Healthwatch Being Me event... Steen's sessions were the highlight of the event. Steen captured the young people's attention and encouraged them to try out new cooking techniques and taste new foods. 

I spoke to a young man who'd come along to the event and he told me that working with Steen had given him confidence in himself and boosted his self-esteem... the cooking workshops not only motivated him to look after his physical health through improving his diet but it also taught him to respect himself as a person and believe that he was capable of achieving things. I hope to continue working with Steen in the future."

Ellen Devine, Healthwatch Development Bristol

"Steen's sessions provide young people with practical and social skills and are beneficial to young people's physical, mental and social wellbeing. I hope to continnue working with Steen in the future" 

Ellen Devine 2, Healthwatch Development Bristol

"… Steen was not only able to teach the young people new cooking skills but also to engage with them on their level. I admired his patience and multi interaction techniques. I found him to be very informative not just around cooking knowledge but also general talk with young people; Steen took the time to listen and did not shy away from any challenging behaviour."

Nicola Garrett, Lead Engagement West

"Steen was employed by Youth Moves to deliver an outdoor cooking session with a variety of local primary schools within our annyal weeklong community and environmental themed event called WildFest. I do not hesitate to contact Steen whenever we have a need for cooking/youth work engagement as he has an effortless knack of engaging young people of any age, background and ability.

Ben Carpenter, Young Moves

"All of the youngsters that were involved, and their parents, enjoyed the session immensely. It really helped them get to know one another. Most importantly they all learned a new skill, had fun and returned home at the end of the day inspired and feeling a new sense of self-confidence. Thanks Steen, we won't hesitate to call you again when we get a group together!"

David Derbyshire, ERIC - The Children's Continence Charity

"Thank you Steen for teaching us such nice meals and keeping it real!"

Paul Coyne, Knowle West Health Association

"Steen has been teaching classes for us for a number of years and all the groups love his honest down-to-earth approach and fab food!"

Bearnie De Monick, Wellspring Centre

"Steen came to work for us during a Bonfire night event in 2014. He prepared and delivered a cooking workshop with young local residents, who got to learn how to make a range of healthy and delicious salads and fililngs for jacket potatoes. All the young people involved had extremely positive feedback regarding the experience of working with Steen and the attendees of the event had similarly positive things to say about eating the end result! We look forward to working with Steen again for future events includin an upcoming community fun day, cooking with people of all ages in the community"

Hannah Sharp, The Station