The idea is simple.

Business Catering: you choose the catering food from our menu and 10% of the food cost will be donated to the CGP in your business name.  So, if you decided on Menu B at £12 per person, for 100 people, that’d be £120 which will pay for three people to have a cooking session, all costs covered.   If you regularly spend money on catering, giving us your catering business means your contribution will be significant over the year allowing your business tax breaks on that contribution.  Plus, we will keep a tally of your donation which you can share on social media, greatly increasing your social capital and setting your business aside from your competition.  A win-win for us, for you and for session attendees. 

Frozen Meals: for every delivery £1 of the delivery charge goes towards the CGP.  We are looking at introducing free delivery so when that occurs, £1 from each order will be donated.  

Businesses contribute to this fund when they select us for their catering requirements.

Now, 10% from each job will cover the cost of numerous cooking sessions in the community and the businesses that contribute will be able to see how many sessions their contribution has allowed, who has benefited and how many. Great to show your customers you care about the local community and fab for your staff if they want to get involved in upskilling and supporting vulnerable people.FLowchart explaining how the community growth programme works





"We are delighted to be working with Steen at Doing Good Catering. He has been teaching cooking skills here since 2019 and we are excited that these vital cooking sessions will be supported through their Community Growth Programme. Even in this Covid-19 crisis, the £1 collected from the delivery charge for their frozen meals will all add up so when this is all over, subsidised cooking sessions can once again support local people to become healthy"  

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