Plot to Plate:
Cooking to lower your Carbon Footprint

Course Description

You'll spend some time at Steen's organic allotment and learn about what seeds produced large yield, how to grow the plants and then  prepare and cook dishes at the  allotment from the vegetables that are ready to pick. E.g, you may make a squash curry using the vegetables & herbs from the plot or a sag aloo (spinach and potato) dish. 

Cost: £45
Duration: 4 hours
Dates: May 2 | June 6
Location: Pavilion Youth Hub, Butetown, Cardiff

Minimum Numbers to run course: 6

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All ingredients and equipment is included. Benefit recipients receive a 10% reduction on the price. If you belong to a community group in Butetown you may be able to do this class for free so speak to the Centre Manager.