We have always hated that food production is such a wasteful industry with leftovers going into landfill, polystyrene & plastic cutlery still being used and poor wages being paid. We have never subscribed to that nonsense.

The food waste charity WRAP finds £196 per person is spent on food that goes straight into the bin. Over a lifetime says the average Brit will throw away £12,350 worth of food. It’s time to act. At Doing Good Catering we:

  • Pay Real Living Wages
  • Grow our own salad & herbs, root veg and fruits on our organic allotment
  • Aim to use in-season food to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Final numbers can be taken 72 hours before an event to reduce waste
  • Use washable, reusable cutlery and plates where appropriate
  • Use Fair Trade ingredients where available as standard
  • The majority of our menus are vegan or vegetarian menu (we also provide ‘happy’ meat options)
  • Fish is sustainably sourced
  • Use non-GMO ingredients
  • Local suppliers (50-mile radius) are used where practicable
  • Use 100% bio-degradable products when absolutely necessary
  • Provide wooden and cardboard packaging for business customers
  • We scrutinise quantities so ensure fewer leftovers

Use Doing Good Catering to be sure your event is catered for sustainably.

See our Sustainable Checklist for event planners