Business Catering

Community Growth Programme (CGP). The idea is simple.

Business Catering: You choose the catering food from our menu and 10% of the food cost will be donated to the CGP in your business name. So, if you decided on Menu B at £12 per person, for 100 people, that’d be £120 which will pay for three people to have a cooking session, all costs covered. If you regularly spend money on catering, giving us your catering business means your contribution will be significant over the year allowing your business tax breaks on that contribution. Plus, we will keep a tally of your donation which you can share on social media, greatly increasing your social capital and setting your business aside from your competition. A win-win for us, for you and for session attendees. 

If you would like to arrange some business catering then please call on 07888 747338 or email us here.

Business & Charity clients we have cooked for include...

NHS Wales, Welsh Government, FAN, Welsh Centre for International Affairs, Hub Cymru Africa, Cardiff University, South Wales University, Baha’i Council for Wales, Welsh Language Commissioner, European Commission Office in Wales, EYST, Welsh Water, Fair Trade Wales, Joseph Frederick Foundation , Cooke and Arkwright, Celtic Language School, Cardiff Volleyball Team